"Mentoring" for Health Care Professionals


Mentorship is defined as "a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person".  It is more than a transfer of knowledge.  It is an empowerment process involving sharing wisdom, enhancing confidence, and building experience. 


In the past few years, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (ministry) have provided funding to support diabetes educators (nurse and dietitian) in community organizations to create accessible diabetes care. As a result, many new diabetes educators have been hired and given appropriate education, but have not had the opportunity to gain knowledge from experience, as they often do not have exposure to endocrinologists or experienced staff. With the increasing prevalence of diabetes, community diabetes programs are expected to take on more complex diabetes cases. 


The Waterloo Wellington Diabetes mentoring program was developed by the Waterloo-Wellington Diabetes Regional Coordination Centre (RCC) in 2011, through an educational grant from NovoNordisk. The outcomes and feedback from clinicians were so successful that funding was secured through the Ontario Diabetes Strategy, to continue the program to support clinicians in the region to develop their knowledge, skill and judgment in managing their patients with diabetes. 


Objectives of the Mentoring Program:

• To enhance the skill level of entry level diabetes educators to care for more complex patients within the community program
• To support community programs in initiating and titrating insulin on people with diabetes
• To create sustainable qualified diabetes educators for complex care


Mentoring Program:

Examples of Topics covered in Mentorship program

Other Services Offered

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How do I access a mentor?


If you are a health care professional working in the Waterloo Wellington region, and interested in having the support of a diabetes mentor, please call 519-947-1000 x282 or email wendyg@langs.org