Healthy Eating


Healthy eating is an important part of Diabetes Management. Ever wonder where to start to find reliable information?

Here are some websites and resources that may be helpful.


Canada’s Food Guide
Canada’s Food Guide uses a rainbow picture to give a suggestion of the amount of food needed at various ages. It can also be changed to show food choices for many cultures.  It has been translated into different languages.

Diabetes Canada  

This site has information on a variety of topics, including:


Unlock Food (formerly EatRight Ontario)
This site has general nutrition information for people with diabetes. Check out the sample menus, the hints and tools for meal planning or some of the recipes.


Dietitians of Canada


The Your Health part of this site allows you to assess your present food habits using the Nutri-eScreen.



Glycemic Index

The glycemic index (GI) rates foods according to how quickly or slowly the sugar goes into the blood after eating a food. It can be a useful tool to explain variations in blood sugars. Diabetes Canada has a tool to describe this concept that can be accessed if you Click Here.

Have questions about specific GI values? Click Here


Heart and Stroke Foundation- Get Healthy
This site has information on general heart health and lots of nutrition information as well. They have a database with  a variety of heart healthy recipes.


Recipe Calculations

Do you have your own recipes but want to know how they fit into a diabetes food plan? You can calculate the nutrient content at these websites:

Other Nutrition Resources