Diabetes Specialists in the Region of Waterloo Wellington


Referrals to diabetes specialists can be accessed by using the diabetes referral form through Central Intake.  The referral will be directed to a diabetes specialist closest to the patient 's home address or to a preferred specialist if indicated on the form.  


Please provide your billing number on the form. 


Specialists Participating with Central Intake


Diabetes Specialists Nephrologists


Pediatricians Specializing in Diabetes

Dr. Joanne Liutkus

Dr. Heather MacKenzie

Dr. Ahmad Tarkji

Dr. Manreet Alangh

Dr. Varun Chaudhary 

Dr. Nimesh Desai

Dr. Gulamhusein Husayn 

Dr. John Wilkinson

Dr. Matthew Feldman (Pediatric Endo)

Centre, North and East Wellington

Dr. Liviu  Danescu

Dr. Septimiu Danescu

Dr. Cameron Purdon    


Dr. Moinol Prima

Dr. Mark Neufeld

Dr. Sylvia Rodriguez

Dr. Marian Thompson

Dr. Mark Xu

Dr. Glenn Loy Son
Kitchener and Waterloo

Dr. Phoebe Bishara

Dr. Usman Chaudhry

Dr. Mirjana Gulan

Dr. Nadira Husein

Dr. Luciana Parlea

Dr. Subramanian Suppiah

Dr. Rola Zamel

Dr. Shivinder Jolly

Dr. Ahmad Tarakji

Dr. Toby Chan

Dr. Chryssa McAlister

Dr. Brad McCuaig 

Dr. Richard Weinstein 

Dr. Jaspreet Rayat

Dr. Natasha Yepes-Restrepo

Dr. Si Liang (Katie) Pang

Dr. Aftab Zafar

Dr. Bruno Di Gravio

Dr. Jodi Rosner

Dr. Ian Wilson