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December 2021
3 Strategies for Physical Activity and Exercise

If you work with people living with diabetes on insulin, you are likely very aware of the many challenges that come with balancing glucose levels during physical activity. Join us to explore how to use CGM as a tool to strategize solutions for patients in your practice, allowing them to focus more time on their activity, exercise, or sport.

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IDF Congress 2021  VIRTUAL    

Annual International Diabetes Conference for health care professionals. 

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January 2022
February 2022

Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction:  Understanding the Intervention, Evidence & Safety Concerns to Support Patients with T2/T1 Diabetes   VIRTUAL

Target audience:  Primary Care and Specialists working with individuals with diabetes who are interested in "keto diet".  Also open to allied health working in diabetes field.  

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12:30pm - 3:30pm


SAVE the DATE:  7th Annual BC Pediatric Diabetes Day

A healthcare conference for those caring for children and youth with diabetes addressing new treatment approaches, new technology and standard approaches to care.


Online and in person 
March 2022

The Charles Best Diabetes Centre State of the Art Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Adults

Annual conference for health care professionals who work with adults with Type 1 diabetes.  

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Online and/or In person



4th Annual Joint Cardiovascular-Diabetes Symposium  VIRTUAL

A joint partnership between the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC) and the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre (BBDC) offers a symposium to help transform the landscape of cardiovascular and diabetes care.

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April 2022
May 2022
June 2022

82nd ADA Scientific Sessions

Annual conference for health care professionals working in diabetes.  

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Hybrid Virtual/Inperson

New Orleans

July 2022
August 2022


Annual American Diabetes Educator conference.

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Baltimore, MD


September 2022
October 2022
November 2022

2022 Diabetes Canada/CSEM Professional Conference

Annual conference for health care professionals working in diabetes.

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Calgary Telus Convention Centre