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 March 11, 2021 is World Kidney Day - 

 Kidney Health for Everyone, Everywhere - Living Well with Kidney Disease


Living with kidney disease presents hardships for people with the disease and their family members but there are supports and resources available for you.  


Diabetes continues to be the leading cause of kidney disease as high blood sugars, in addition to high blood pressure, damage the fragile blood vessels in these organs.  Early detection and management can help slow the progression of this decline and there are several new medications that have proven effective in this effort, in addition to the cornerstones of a healthy diet and good blood sugar control.




What can you do if you have diabetes?


Ask your health professional if blood or urine tests have been done to check your kidney function.


Ask any questions you have to better understand these tests and how you can make a difference.


Maintain good blood sugar control and good blood pressure control. 



What should my targets be? 


For most people:

  • Your A1C result (3 month average blood sugar) should be 7 or below.
  • Your blood pressure should be 130/80 or below.

Talk to your health care provider to see what your individual targets are, what your A1C is, and what your kidney function tests show.



For more information on kidney disease and diabetes:


Diabetes Canada: www.diabetes.ca/managing-my-diabetes/preventing-complications/kidney-disease

Canadian Kidney Foundation: kidney.ca/

‘Spice it Up’ for recipe ideas that are diabetes and kidney friendly: www.myspiceitup.ca


Click here for more information about World Kidney Day.


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