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Eye Care News Alert:


Optometrists in Ontario are pursuing job action and have withdrawn previously insured eye exams/services to those under 18, over 65, and people with specific health conditions (including diabetes).  This was effective Sept 1, 2021, and we have no indication of when this may be resolved.  Previously booked appointments are being cancelled and you may be notified by your eye care team to alert you to this effect. It is not possible to pay directly or have 3rd party insurance cover these OHIP eligible services.  Our understanding is that the Ontario Association of Optometrists is in communication with local optometrists and releases their updates for continued job action on Thursdays of each week.


For further information on this job action, please see The College of Optometrists of Ontario.


Please contact your family doctor/healthcare provider if you require eye care so a referral can be sent.  Eye care services continue to be provided by ophthalmologists and retinal screen referrals to Waterloo-Wellington Diabetes Central Intake will continue to be forwarded to the KW Ocular Health Centre which operates out of their Kitchener office and holds screening clinics at Langs CHC and Kitchener Downtown CHC. Direct referrals to ophthalmologists can be made by physicians and we will continue to find local ophthalmologists for patients requiring diabetes related services if the Central Intake referral is used and forwarded to us.






Eye Care Resources

Retinopathy may occur in people with diabetes and can be prevented by regular eye exams. All people with diabetes are covered by OHIP for a yearly eye exam. Optometrists can provide an eye exam, covered by OHIP, but may charge an additional fee for special tests to look at the retina. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors specializing in diseases and conditions of the eyes. Their services are covered by OHIP, but require a referral from your physician.


Find an Optometrist in Your Area

Click here to provide some additional information to help find an optometrist near you.


Find an Ophthalmologist in Your Area

If interested in a referral for an ophthalmologist, you need a referral from a physician or nurse practitioner. Click here and ask your physician to fill out the referral form.


See below for a listing of the local ophthalmologists in the Waterloo Wellington LHIN.



Ophthalmologist Address Phone
Dr. David Anderson 715 Coronation Blvd, Suite 8 519.623.6250
Dr. Nimesh Desai (OHC) 260 Holiday Inn Dr, Suite 7 519.658.6800
Dr. Toby Chan (OHC) 260 Holiday Inn Dr, Suite 7 519.658.6800
Dr. Varun Chaudhary (OHC) 260 Holiday Inn Dr, Suite 7 519.658.6800
Dr. John Wilkinson (OHC) 260 Holiday Inn Dr, Suite 7 519.658.6800
Dr. William Hutchinson 85 Westmount Rd 519.766.0820
Dr. Robert Johnson 89 Dawson Rd, Suite 214 519.822.5500
Dr. Mark Neufeld 450 Speedvale Ave W, Suite 112 519.822.5501
Dr. Sylvia Rodriguez 89 Dawson Rd, Suite 214 519.265.9022
Dr. Marian Thompson 220 Victoria Rd S 519.824.0733
Dr. Toby Chan (OHC) 564 Belmont Ave W, Suite 411 519.742.1313
Dr. Shanon Daniel (OHC) 715 Fischer Hallman Rd, Suite 201 519.745.3690
Dr. Hugh Jellie 564 Belmont Ave W, Suite 306 519.579.2020
Dr. Anthony Kiskis 385 Frederick St 519.746.1583
Dr. Chryssa McAlister 564 Belmont Ave W, Suite 411 519.579.7000
Dr. Bradley McCuaig (OHC) 564 Belmont Ave W, Suite 209 519.579.5311
Dr. Si-Liang (Katie) Peng 564 Belmont Ave W, Suite 306 519.579.0624
Dr. Richard Weinstein (OHC) 715 Fischer Hallman Rd, Suite 201 519.745.3690
Dr. Natasha Yepes-Restrepo 31 Kingsbury Dr, Suite 501 519.745.6556
Dr. Aftab Zafar 148 Manitou Dr, Suite 201 519.954.5900


Additional Eye Care Resources


Ocular Health Centres (OHC)

Ocular Health Centres partner with the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) and local ophthalmologists to provide timely access to screening and treatment for patients with diabetes. Your retinal screening is done by qualified technicians and viewed by an ophthalmologist remotely. If treatment is required, it is performed locally. This service is covered by OHIP.


University of Waterloo - Optometry Clinics & Centre for Sight Enhancement

The Waterloo Optometry Clinics offer patient care services to people from the community, the province and other parts of Canada. Patient examinations are performed by 3rd and 4th year interns working under the direct supervision of licensed Doctors of Optometry. To make an appointment with the clinic or for more information call 519-888-4062. Low vision services are available at the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Sight Enhancement. Contact the Centre by calling 519-888-4708 to book an appointment for a low vision assessment or for more information.


Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Canada’s National Institute for the Blind provides services and support for individuals with vision loss. Contact the CNIB Helpline at 1-800-563-2642 for more information. Click here to learn more about CNIB's Eye Connect: Diabetic Retinopathy.


Low Vision Rehabilitation

Learn more about the definitions and meanings behind a diagnosis of Low Vision, where to access care, and what can be done to help.  See the above link for a helpful list of websites for more information.

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