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A Road Map To Your Diabetes Care
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Foot Care

If you have diabetes, it is very important to take good care of your feet. Poorly controlled diabetes can affect your nerves and your circulation which can result in foot problems. Prevention and daily foot care inspection are key components in good foot care for someone with diabetes. 


Top Ten Daily Foot Care Tips


1.  Inspect your feet daily.  Look for any cuts, cracks in your skin, ingrown toenails, blisters, discoloured or infected areas, callouses, corns or warts. 

2.  Wash your feet in warm (not hot) water using a mild soap.  Don't soak your feet as this can dry your skin.

3.  Dry your feet well after washing, especially between your toes. 

4.  Apply lotion to your feet to prevent dry skin.  Do not put lotion between your toes, as this is an ideal location for fungus or infections. 

5.  Clean any minor cuts or scratches with mild soap and water and cover with a dry dressing to legs. 

6.  Wear clean socks made of breathable materials (ie. cotton) that are not too tight around your legs. 

7.  Trim your toenails straight across and file any sharp edges.  This will help prevent ingrown toenails.

8.  Buy shoes at the end of the day when your feet are the biggest.  Feet often swell during the day.

9.  Do not go barefoot.  Wear shoes at all times to prevent injury to your feet. 

10.  Wear socks at night if your feet feel cold.  Do not use hot water bottles or heating pads as they may burn you. 








Are Your Feet Healthy?  

For a self-assessment, please click here







Are you interested in attending a prevention workshop? 


The Diabetes, Healthy Feet & You Program is available throughout the Waterloo Wellington region.  This program is in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Wound Care (CAWC) and the Waterloo Wellington Self-Management Program.  This 2 1/2 hour workshop is targeted to people with diabetes who are willing to learn more about foot care.  For more information about this program, click here




When to see your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner

  • If you have any signs of infection (redness, drainage, heat).
  • If you have corns, callouses, warts or in-grown toenails.  Do not try to treat yourself.
  • If you have swelling, warmth, redness or pain in your legs or feet.
  • If you have pain, numbness, tingling or burning in your feet.
  • If you have any discoloured areas on your feet.
  • For a sensation test at least once a year. 



For More Information

Consult your primary care provider, diabetes education team, or contact a foot care provider.

The following chart identifies local foot care providers.  Please note that service fees apply to most services listed.

For more information on services in Centre or North Wellington, please see below or click here.

Foot Care Nurse
BioPed - Outreach Site 2958 Greefield Rd 519.632.1229
Jenuine Care 33 Northumberland St 519.632.8122
Chiropodist / Podiatrist
Achilles 366 Hespeler Rd 519.624.4122
Anthony Zamojc 56 Grand Ave N 519.623.4410
BioPed 600 Hespeler Rd 519.622.5959
Cambridge Foot Clinic 14 George St 519.623.5444
Roshni Patel 3-697 Coronation Blvd 519.623.3000
York Foot Health & Orthotics Clinic 5-209 Pinebush Rd 519.623.0222
Foot Care Nurse
Feet First Foot Care 424 Eagle St 519.650.6079
Mobile Feet 56 Carter Cres 519.716.4481
We Care Home Health Services Cambridge and Ayr 519.576.7474
Chiropodist / Podiatrist
Wellington Foot Clinic 245 Edinburgh Rd. S. 519.546.3737
Anthony Zamojc 218 Speedvale E 519.836.1142
Shael Weinberg 202-55 Cork St E 519.836.2740
Feet for Life 245 Edinburgh Rd S 519.821.0297
Custom Foot Clinic 203-806 Gordon St 519.823.1450
Guelph Complete Foot & Ankle Clinic 3 Paisley St. 519.850-8686
Foot Care Nurse
Amelia Martin Home visits available


G&S Wellness Clinic Guelph 519.571.4273
We Care Home Health Services Guelph


Foot Patrol Guelph 519.341.0268
BioPed 102 Wyndham St N 519.821.7310
Centre Wellington
Foot Care Nurse
Amelia Martin Home visits available 226.820.5666
Foot Patrol Aberfoyle, Elora, Fergus 519.341.0268
We Care Home Health Services Fergus, Elora 519.576.7474
Chiropodist / Podiatrist
The Centre for Family Medicine 25 Joseph St 519.578.2100
Podiatric Consultants 1354 King St E 519.576.8960
Family Foot & Orthotics Clinic 120 Ottawa St N, Unit 117 519.954.4415
Grand River Hospital 835 King St 519.742.3611
Foot Care Nurse
BioPed 842 Victoria St N, Unit 12 519.576.9440
Complete Foot Clinic Inc 751 Victoria St 519.579.9223
Feet on the Go Home visits available 519.654.6363
Happy Feet Complete Foot Care 6 Cray Cres 519.498.7978
Karen Mielke RN Foot Care Nurse 63 Wren Place 519.893.5459
Linda, The Foot Nurse 121 Old Chicopee Dr 519.893.2969
Shoppers Drug Mart Sunrise Centre, 1400 Ottawa St 519.742.6160
We Care Home Health Services Kitchener 519.576.7474
New Hamburg
Chiropodist / Podiatrist
Physiotherapy Alliance 10 Waterloo St, Unit 4 519.662.4676
Heel~n~Hands, Amy Guilhauman, RN New Hamburg, Wellesley, Baden 519.634.5195
Chiropodist / Podiatrist
Foot Works 200 King St 519.888.6274
KW Foot & Orthotics Clinic 279 Weber St N, Unit 17 519.884.4200
Sarah Ferguson Chiropody 99 Northfield Dr, Suite 202 519.725.9941
Dr. Stephen Hoke 130 Weber St N 519.885.1511
Waterloo Foot Clinic 50 Westmount Rd N, Unit 207 519.884.3668
Foot Care Nurse
BioPed 583 King St N 519.747.3222
Feet on the Go Home visits available 519.654.6363
Susan Jarosz RN Footcare Services Waterloo 519.884.8954
We Care Home Health Services Waterloo 519.576.7474
Waterloo Region
Chiropodist / Podiatrist
Elmira Medical Centre - Jane Warner 2 Park Ave W, Elmira 519.669.5493
Foot Care Nurse
G&S Wellness Clinic Waterloo Region 519.571.4273
Just Feet with Kathleen Elmira 519.669.5835
We Care Home Health Services New Hamburg, Baden 519.576.7474
Sherrie the Footcare Nurse Waterloo Region 519.893.2272
Rural East Wellington
Chiropodist / Podiatrist
Erin Physio Fitness 6 Thompson Cres, Erin 519.833.0606
Acton's Head 2 Toe Healthcare 65 Mill St E, Acton 519.853.8557
Foot Care Nurse
Amelia Martin Home visits available 226.820.5666
We Care Home Health Services Rockwood, Erin 519.576.7474
Rural North Wellington
Chiropodist / Podiatrist
Betty McTague 160 King St W, Mount Forest 519.323.3668
Foot Care Nurse
Sherry Lynn, Gentle Approach Nursing Footcare Palmerston 519.417.2217
Amelia Martin Home visits available 226.820.5666
Caring Sole (Kelley Eves) Mount Forest 519.820.7187



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