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A Road Map To Your Diabetes Care
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Preparing For A Doctor’s Visit — What To Expect

It is important that certain visits with your doctor or healthcare team focus specifically on your diabetes. When you book doctor’s appointments, book separate visits for diabetes, general checkups, and other medical needs.



What to Expect

  • To be seen four times a year for diabetes care
  • Review of recent laboratory tests
  • Review of your log-book
  • Measurement of your blood pressure
  • Examination of your feet at least once a year
  • Referral to an eye care professional (usually once a year)
  • Assessment of your risk for complications related to diabetes
  • Conversation about exercise, food choices, smoking, mood, and sexual function

How to Prepare

  • Have your laboratory tests done about two weeks before your appointment
  • Bring blood glucose records with you (written down or printed from a meter)
  • Bring a list of all medications including non-prescription drugs and note which need to be refilled
  • Write down any questions about your diabetes

When to Contact Your Healthcare Team

  • When you have more than two low blood sugars in a week
  • When you have unexplained high blood sugars more than two days in a row
  • If you change your diet or exercise pattern
  • If you have any tests or procedures planned that require you to be fasting
  • If you are planning travel that involves travelling to a different time zone
  • If you are experiencing negative side effects caused by your medication
  • If you have any concerns or questions about your diabetes

Do you have difficulty knowing how to communicate with your Health Care Team?


Consider signing up for a workshop, "It's My Health".  For more information, click here


Test Preparation

  • When preparing for some tests, you may need to make changes in your food intake and use only clear fluids. Click here for a clear fluid menu

  • If you are on insulin discuss insulin adjustment with your health care professional before you start the test preparation


What do my test results tell me?


Test Name What Does this test Measure? Recommended Frequency of Test Target
A1C A blood test done at the lab, that measures your average blood sugar level over the past 3 months Every 3 months for most people with diabetes 7% or less for most people with diabetes.  Speak to your healthcare provider about your specific target.
Albumin to Creatinine Ratio (ACR) A urine test done at the lab, that measures kidney function

Type 1 diabetes--5 years after diagnosis and then yearly

Type 2 diabetes--at diagnosis and then yearly

Less than 2.0 mg/mmol
Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) A blood test that calculates your kidney function Type 1 diabetes--5 years after diagnosis and then yearly

Type 2 diabetes--at diagnosis and then yearly

Greater than 60 mL/min
Blood Pressure A measurement of the pressure placed on your artery walls when your heart is resting and contracting Every appointment with your  healthcare provider Less than 130/80 for most people with diabetes
Cholesterol (LDL) A blood test that measure the amount of "bad" fat in your blood

At diagnosis of diabetes, then yearly if not taking cholesterol medication.

More frequent testing if treatment has been initiated.

2.0 mmol/L or less
Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculated based on your height and weight Every 3 to 6 months

18.5 to 24.9




Diabetes Passport and Goal Card

The Diabetes Passport and Goal Card are to be used to support the management of diabetes. In partnership with health care providers, Ontarians with diabetes can use the Diabetes Passport and Goal Card to record, track and monitor important health information.


How to Use the Diabetes Passport and Goal Card

People with diabetes are advised to take their Diabetes Passport and Goal Card to every health care appointment. By using it you can track your goals, key diabetes tests, and self-management education in order to better manage your lifestyle.


How to Order the Diabetes Passport and Goal Card

The My Diabetes Passport and Goal Card can  be ordered from www.serviceontario.ca or by calling ServiceOntario Publications at 1.800.668.9938

The Passport and Goal Card are available in English and French and come enclosed in a plastic sleeve designed to fit into a purse or a pocket. Click here to download a print copy of the Diabetes Passport and Goal Card in English. It is available from Service Ontario in 16 different languages.



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